Houdt van Eten menu (Eng)

Houdt van Eten menu

Terrine of codfish with a cream of basil, roasted cherry tomatoes, pistachio and herring caviar

Gazpacho of tomatoes, bell pepper and Dutch strawberries
Served with avocado-cucumber salsa and roasted gurnard

Main course
Baked tenderloin and stewed oxtail, served with potato cake, cauliflower cream and tomato gravy

Plateau de fromage
Selection of our favourite cheeses

Small chocolate pie, mocha parfait and coffee meringue,
combined with gel of pineapple, coconut cream and roasted pineapple

5 courses € 44,95
4 courses € 39,95
3 courses € 34,95

Matching wines
6 courses € 29,95 (including aperitif)
5 courses € 25,95
4 courses € 21,95
3 courses € 17,50

All our dishes are made fresh daily, please do inform our staff about any allergy or dietary requirements.
Thanks in advance, the Houdt van Eten team.