A la carte Engels

Tasting of appetizers 17,50
Capaccio I hazelnuts I aged cheese I arugula pesto 14,50
Salad with quail and bacon I raspberry vinaigrette 14,50
Smoked mackerel I pickled cucumber I wakame mustard cream 14
Bonbon of marinated salmon I Norwegian shrimp I salsa of caramelized bell pepper 16
Filo pastry filled with goat cheese I dried plums I apricots I raisins and pistache 14

Main courses                                          
Tournedos I green asparagus I red onion compote I jus de veaux 32,50
Entrecote with mushroom/truffle tapenade I baby corn I potato-onion pie 27,50
Confit duck I sweet potato I French endive I thyme gravy 24,50
Tarbot filet I steamed fennel I confit Charlotte potato I aceto balsamico 27,50
Baked cod I ratatouille I leek and ginger sauce 26,50
Rice fritots I Parmesan cheese and mushrooms I pumpkin I basil pesto 24,50

Homemade fries with mayonaise 5

Poached pear I chocolate mousse I bramble sorbet 9
Warm apple-almond pie I white chocolate icecream 9
Chilled mango soup I grapes and blueberry I Mocha syrup I banana sorbet 9
Cheese platter I five cheeses with garnishes 14

We prepare all our dishes with fresh ingredients in our own kitchen.
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