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Menu Houdt van Eten

Fish panache of cod, scallop and mussels | Samphire | Tomato marmalade

Second starter
Ravioli of goat cheese, spinach and pine nuts | Goat butter hollandaise | Fried spinach

Between course
Turbot and serano ham skewer | Potato saffron rouie | Pommes pailles of truffle potatoes

Lamb chop | Lamb egg ball | asparagus | puree with sea lavender | pomegranate gravy

Selection of 5 cheeses | With different garnishes

Dutch strawberries in Pacherenc aspic | Star anise basil ice cream | Italian lemon merengue | almond tuiles

3-courses – starter, maincourse, dessert 37

4-courses – starter, second starter, maincourse, dessert 46

5-courses – starter, second starter, maincourse, cheese, dessert 55

6-courses – starter, second starter, between course, maincourse, cheese, dessert 64

Matching winearrangement 6,- per glass

We prepare all our dishes with fresh ingredients in our own kitchen.
Ask our staff for more information about food allergies.