Menu of the Month Januari

Home Smoked salmon, red beet, yellow beet, lemon creme fraiche

Second starter
Carrot consommé, guinea fowl truffle pate

Codfish, red bell pepper, bearnaise sauce

Main course
Entrecôte, pommes dauphines, sjalot red wine gravy

Cheese platter
With garnishes

Pancake pie, orange gel, rosemary icecream

3-course – starter – maincourse – dessert 39,95 
4-course – starter – second starter – maincourse – dessert 48,95
5-course – starter – second starter – maincourse – cheese – dessert 57,95
6-course – starter – second starter – between course – maincourse – cheese – dessert 66,95
Matching wine arrangement 6,50 per glas

We prepare all our dishes with fresh ingredients in our own kitchen.
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